Interstellar Gates once connected thousands of planetary civilizations within the boundaries of a now-nameless empire. But when a sudden Fragmentation destroyed all of the galaxy’s Gates simultaneously, millions of travelers were stranded without means of resources or communication.

A century later, a sentient starship names Sun ferries passengers between the distant worlds. They collide with Indrani, a reclusive priest from a moon monastery on a mission to uncover the secrets of the empire’s collapse. The odd pair decide to pursue Indrani’s arcane objectives together while digging deeper into Sun’s unknown origins – a genesis that may be murkier then they both expect.



As a child, Indrani was given over to and raised by the monks of the esoteric Monastery of Malakar, an order dedicated to following what they call ‘the Path’. Malakarian doctrine teaches that every living being has a Path, one that, if followed, adds to the fulfillment of the universal Sacred Way. His spiritual life includes rigorous asceticism and the continuous study of history to learn how one’s Path might be thwarted or twisted. At thirty cycles old, Indrani is finally appointed a holy mission: find the ruins of the empire.

Indrani is amiable but naive, always attempting to appear dignified and knowledgeable despite his inexperience. Because of his cloistered upbringing–and the reclusive nature of his few fellow curates–he is often confounded by modern social etiquette and the lack of respect for the Path.


A technically sophisticated ship built around a human body and brain, The Sun Clouded Over has toured their fragment of the galaxy for over a century and is one of the few remaining beings with living memory of the empire and its influence.

Sun is a prolific traveller and game-player with an impenetrable poker face, but they rarely confide in any of their passengers about their true nature and their isolation from the rest of humanity. When Indrani comes aboard, however, Sun seizes the chance of a lifetime.

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